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TSI software built to reach the impossible!

How we make it happen and leave the competition in the dust

By Providing a:
  • UNIQUE software that allows you to follow up on all your NEW and existing business with auto reminders.
  • UNIQUE software that allows you to get new warm leads from our “Platnet employee leaving program.”
  • UNIQUE software that allows you to access our Marketing program to expand your revenue.
  • UNIQUE software that allows you to automatically get paid on other sources of insurance without you getting involved.
  • Company advertising for building an already flourishing name recognition in the industry.
  • Continuing to provide new software that are only available to our team, to guarantee our position as leaders in development and services.

What Owner /HR say about TSI

What a difference TSI has made in our day to day work by alleviating the burden of many tasks from us (contacting insurances, making the right choices for the insurances, …) Thank you to ALL!!!

I cannot say thank you enough for all your help and your diligence in making the open enrollment so much smoother for us, keeping up with the coverage of the new employees, changing their coverage…. Great service, great follow up, great everything….. Thank you Cole B.

Thank you to TSI team for the wonderful service that you provide to our company. You have made such a difference for us and the open enrollment has become such an easy task. Judy S.

Dream your dream or live your dream!

TSI software made to work smarter not harder!
The TSI Philosophy and why it works!